Why isn’t your property selling?

5 Reasons Why Your Home Is NOT Selling

Feeling frustrated that your home isn’t selling? Not sure what your next step should be?

Your property value and the current market conditions aren’t always to blame. It might just be your selling strategy. This is where a stellar real estate agent professional could come in handy!

1. The Right Real Estate Agent

The right listing real estate agent is one of the first and most important things that you are going to need. Your agent is going to help you from beginning to end with this process, so you need to make sure you pick the right one.

The rule of thumb is 4 out of 5 real estate agents won’t be the right choice for you. So, it is important to do your due diligence and make sure that you pick the best agent that you can find. You need to consider the REVIEWS and the proven track record of the agent, look at what homes they have sold and what timeline they have sold them in.

A well-versed real estate agent, auctioneer or Realtor® will have soaring reviews and a long list of sold homes that they can show you. Make sure that your agent explains their sales plan and keeps you informed all along the way.

Your agent should also have experience in selling in your area, or at least with similar homes to yours. Look around your neighborhood, another sign of a good real estate agent is that their advertisements are prominent in your region and their signs displayed proudly in yards.

2. Clutter

Look around your home and consider it from the view of potential buyers. Walk in your home with an open mind, considering it as if you were walking into a home that you were looking to buy. Are you walking into a home that is already lived in, or is it decorated in such a way that you can picture your life there?

A buyer picturing themselves living in your home will help the sale go much faster and smoother. It can cause them to be far more excited to start their new life there. Rather than just looking forward to moving all their things to another empty home to see what comes of it.

Leave your attachments and emotions at the door and look at your home with an honest opinion. When selling a home, sometimes less is more, and you may just need to store a few items away until you purchase your new home.

3. Amateur Photos

Another thing that can make or break a sale is poorly captured listing photos. We have all been there, you’re scrolling through your favorite real-estate app. You see a home that matches your search criteria perfectly, but once you click on the photos, they are at odd angles, taken with poor lighting, showcase the imperfections and so much more.

Then you immediately scroll onto the next listing. A proper photo gallery is a major part of the selling process, it is what the potential buyers see before they come look at your home in person. If the photos do not represent your home well, then you are already losing sales opportunities. Afterall, everyone is looking heavily online at many homes prior to even considering looking at them in person.

4. Low Curb Appeal

Now you have a proper listing real estate agent, you have made sure your home is in the proper condition for buyers, and you have had professional photos taken. Next is what do the potential buyers see when they pull up to your home?

As the old saying goes: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Proper landscaping and curb appeal can make all the difference when selling a home. When you go look at a home and you pull up to dead flower beds and overgrown grass you start the home tour with a stigma before you even get inside. Just one more factor that might cause your listing to expire.

You want the potential buyers to pull up to your home and fall in love. Make sure your yard is neat, clean and groomed, plant some flowers, or set out some potted plants and make sure the front of the home is clean and in good repair- a lick of paint goes a long way! These are things that will impress the buyers from the beginning.

5. The Wrong Price

The biggest reason why your home isn’t selling in a sellers’ market may be because of the listing price. No matter what you think of your property, the biggest deterrent for a buyer is often the price. You need to look at your neighborhood and similar markets to see what other homes are selling for. If your home is overpriced, then it simply will not have a great chance to sell.

Consider what amenities you have to these other homes that are selling or have sold. Make sure that you compare your home fairly to the others and discuss this with your realtor. If the house down the street sold for a price that you’re hoping to achieve, but they have a gourmet kitchen and an extra bedroom, then maybe your home isn’t worth the same amount as theirs was.

The housing market can change by year or by day, depending on the economic climate. It is best to watch the market carefully, but do not change your price very often, set it at an appropriate place that is competitive for the market.

Now! Give Town and Country Real Estate a ring, list with us, get your property back out there and get it SOLD!

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