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Team work Makes the dream Work

When I moved to Ireland, I also moved from using MLS®️ (Multiple Listing Service). I used the MLS®️ for my whole career; now I was going to be advertising via privately own media entities. I really wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Advertising MATTERS- ALOT.

Enter I wasn’t sure what to expect; I used it cautiously at first. As my business grew, I set up an account; then shortly after that, one day a lovely account manager appeared! I had the best experience with this account manager and through my meetings and communication with that account manager, I grew to really like and trust I really feel like wants to know what makes me tick and to help me to manage my clients and their properties. is interested in building a relationship with me; music to my ears! I’m all about building relationships. I really enjoy working and collaborating with, After all, team work makes the dream work!

Fast forward several months later, I have collaborated with and with other entities within the family and I have nothing but positive comments for the relationship we are building. Here’s a recent article from the where I share my thoughts and feelings about and also about selling in Cork and Kerry! ENJOY!

As always, if you are a seller or a buyer and you want to talk about selling or buying or just real estate matters in general, Please reach out to me here

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