Selling a house in ireland

Selling a house in Ireland. faster & for more money.

When selling a house in Ireland the question I get asked the most is: How can we sell our house faster & for more money? I’d be a rich woman if someone gave me a gold coin every time a client asked me that question. The answer is a lot simpler than you think. That being said, it’s often the simplest things that get missed or not adhered to.

I have seen people put thousands of dollars into their property prior to listing it for sale on the open market but not properly clean or stage it for viewings. I have watched people hire the same real estate agent that their parents used, the one who sold the family fam… but he just wasn’t the right fit for the job at hand and the marketing techniques used were not hitting the target audience.

There’s lots to consider and I’ve popped some “food for thought” into my monthly newsletter; you can check it out below! And if you’d like to discuss selling your property faster and for more, by all means, let’s chat!

It should be said that you can do simple Google searches to find additional information and resources to support information I share in this newsletter. Please check out the following sites for additional info and resources: and

Selling a house in ireland
Selling your property faster and for more money

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