How to create a home office to inspire

The latest pandemic has made the feature of a home office a highly sought after attribute. Even as things slowly return to a ‘new normal’, remote work is here to stay and is said continue to increase through 2023. If you find yourself moving to a more permanent work from home situation, you will need to start investing in your home office to avoid burnout, motivate yourself and to boost your productivity.

Here are 5+ tips to help you create the home office that will inspire you everyday:

  1. Pick The “Perfect Perch” 

If you’re short on space, you may have dedicated the kitchen table as your work area. This may have been ok for a few months, but forever? Nahh! Maybe placing a table in front of a window in your bedroom might work better? Likely you want a dedicated spot just for work- to avoid distractions. For those with more space (and maybe kids), you might have to choose between complete silence and isolation or hectic surroundings. Test both spots before you decide on what area to make into an office. 

  1. Give Yourself “A room with a view” 

Whenever possible, opt for a space with a view.  Even if you are just looking at your front or back yard, the natural sunlight will greatly benefit you and your space. If the secluded place you’ve picked for yourself doesn’t have a window, freshen up the walls with a bright new colour or a feature wall, or BOTH! Add a piece of beautiful, thought provoking artwork and bring in a few plants to liven up the space- plants are good for improving air quality as well, so a nice big floor plant and a hanging plant will serve a dual purpose.

  1. Get A Great Chair 

Every great office needs a great chair. One that is comfortable, ergonomically correct, and the right size for your desk. Spend a few extra bucks and shop online for suitable options. Remember, the mind can only absorb what the bottom can endure! Haha! Ask your workplace if they’d be willing to assist you with purchasing proper equipment and you just might be lucky enough to expense it or have it provided at no cost to you!

  1. Light it up 

Make sure your office has ample light. Natural light is always best but if that isn’t possible, install a good overhead light or add a nice bright desk lamp to help do the trick. Some people actually prefer lamp light to overhead light. Take the time to determine your preferences; your eyes will thank you later. This is also important for all those Zoom meetings or team conference calls you’re sure to be joining.

  1. Add some personality

Whatever inspires you, whatever “sparks joy”, put it into your office. It could be framed quotes or pictures, scented candles or small trinkets. These things add a little personality to your space and makes it truly YOURS. I personally believe in the idea of a vision board. picturing all the things you love the most and things that you hope for in your future. Check out Pinterest for great vision board ideas!

  1. Bonus note: keep Your Background In Mind

After creating this workspace, please do bear in mind that when you are on those video calls, your background is very visible. Some programs allow you to blur the background, but some items are still visible. I suggest using a mirror to get a good idea of what your background looks like.

If you have the room, you may want to put up a small bookshelf, where you can place items that reflect your work image.

Check the lighting for those video shots too. What you enjoy while working at your desk may cast shadows on your computers camera line of sight.

If there is a window behind you, consider drawing the blind or adding sheers so that your key statements are not lost while your audience watches your neighbours through the window!!! Windows can also create a back lighting effect which may bleach out your features so be mindful.

Take the time to ensure you have a good workspace, one that will promote inspiration, zen, comfort and productivity. It can be changing up the big things like the space itself or getting a comfier chair, to a fresh plant, a scented candle or like me: lots of coloured pens (I’m addicted) and cosy slippers! Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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