O Callaghan Town and Country Real Estate in the News

Recently featured in the Killarney Advertiser: Sherry O Callaghan setting up shop at 18 New Street, Killarney, Co. Kerry

A new estate agency in Killarney town centre promises “a fresh set of eyes” on the local property market. By: Sean Moriarty

O’Callaghan Town and Country Real Estate was set up by Canadian Sherry O’Callaghan just over a month ago. Operating from a prime location on New St one of the town’s newest businesses is already making a mark.

Sherry and her Millstreet husband arrived here last autumn after Patrick decided the time was right to move back to Ireland after over 10 years at the other side of the Atlantic.

She has over 12 years’ experience in the Canadian real estate business and brought that wealth of knowledge with her when she joined her husband in Millstreet late last year.

How did a woman from Newfoundland met a man from North Cork?

“Simple, I sold him a house,” she said.

Her experience includes several qualifications and diplomas in areas as diverse as real estate law, ethics and marketing.

“When I applied for my Irish [real estate] licence, I had 28 attachments on the application,” she adds.

Her licence arrived on Christmas Eve last year.

“I did not need any more presents or parties last Christmas,” she said.

Once she had identified 18 New Street as a suitable business location she and her carpenter husband and a local engineer set about readying the premises for its new role.

“The engineer was a blessing, he introduced me to a local builder who is behind a new nine-house development on Ross Road,” she added. “That was my first client, he said he likes what I do and that I offer a fresh set of eyes on the property market.”

One of the key differences between the Irish and Canadian markets is that real estate agents in Canada act either on behalf of the buyer or seller where here in Ireland new buyers face the daunting task of facing an agent on their own.

“As I am new to Ireland I feel I can offer that service too, everything is new to me so I can really see everything from the buyer’s point of view too.”

An editorial piece run by the Kerryman upon opening the doors of O Callaghan Town and Country
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